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        ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.  is the leading marketer, designer, manufacturer, and service provider of industrial electric motors, generators and mechanical power transmission products.

         ABB brand industrial motors range from sub-fractional to 100,000 horsepower and include NEMA, IEC, AC, DC, variable speed, synchronous reluctance,gear, and servo motors. Dodge mechanical power transmission products include mounted bearings, enclosed gearing, couplings, bushings, sheaves, and pulleys. 

        Baldor Electric Company was acquired by ABB in 2011, and became ABB on March 1, 2018. Baldor Electric Company, headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas is a leading marketer, designer and manufacturer of industrial electric motors, drives and mechanical power transmission products.  Baldor is the largest motor and mechanical power transmission company in North America. Baldor Reliance and ABB motors range from 1/50th through 100,000 horsepower with leading customer preference and market share. 

        We sell and support the entire line of ABB IEC and medium voltage motors, along with the full range of ABB industrial drives.

ABB Y2-112M-2 (Vertical Type) USA Bearing

8483.20.40.40 7.9 Inch | 200 Milli
Single Row | Normal 5.625 Inch | 142.88

ABB Y2-112M-2 (Horizontal Type) USA Bearing

NTN 4.5
M06110 N/A

ABB Y2-112M-2 USA Bearing

1.375 Inch | 34.925 ISOSTATIC INDUSTRIES
0846802019402 Inch

ABB REF615E-D USA Bearing

SKF B00308
0.0 Bearings

ABB AX185-30-11-80*220-230V50Hz/230-240V60Hz USA Bearing

N/A 0800675026714
110.1 B04311


15 Degree No

ABB 3BHL000459P0002 USA Bearing

Assembly; Standard P 567-90047
Bearing Inch