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    Sumitomo Drive Technologies (Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America) is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. The unmatched product breadth, application experience and global presence, clearly establishes Sumitomo as the premiere power transmission and control solution provider.

  •     Concentric Gearbox — General purpose, compact, modular, inline reducers and gearmotors offering easy installation of output chains and sprockets; high shock load capacity; durability; and wide ratio ranges.
  •     Right Angle Gearbox — Space-saving, easy to install, shaft mount reducers and gearmotors. Spiral bevel and hypoid gear designs deliver quiet, efficient performance; no chain, sprocket or chain guard to maintain.
  •     Offset Parallel Shaft Gearbox — Easy to install, shaft mount reducers and gearmotors ideal where the available shaft length is short. These shaft mount reducers offer efficient, reliable operation; a  flexible range of output speed and torque combinations; no chain, sprocket or chain guard to maintain.
  •     Precision Gearbox — Compact, high efficiency reducers and gearheads designed for robotics and applications requiring exact positioning, fine speed control and tight torque control. Key features include zero and low backlash; high shockload capacity; high input speeds; and high reduction ratios.
Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
SUMITOMO QT63-80H-A JAPAN Bearing 95 mm 151.5 mm 35 mm PLE209N-
SUMITOMO QT52-63F-BP-Z JAPAN Bearing Bearings with Housin Stainless Steel Clear Anodize [Aluminum Alloy] 201
SUMITOMO QT33-10 JAPAN Bearing Open Type 7150 35 Angular Contact Ball
SUMITOMO QT23-8 JAPAN Bearing Double Flange Type Yes (with retaining 2
SUMITOMO 22UZ8359 JAPAN Bearing 22x54x32 52 mm 9.04 Hz 120 °C 6.96 Hz
SUMITOMO 22UZ21135T2, WAPX1 JAPAN Bearing 22 x 58 x 32 14mm 19 mm F207N- 15.2 kN